Can’t believe Prince is gone! Can’t believe Bowie is gone!
Ugh! It’s not even May and I can’t bear to think of who might be next.
So many musical heroes, giants really, that are still here creating, making the music that will keep me dreaming.

But och, Prince! He was such an artist, a musical genius and like Bowie incomparable. What a beautiful, talented, sexy mother f*cker he was. (Still Is – dammit f*ck the past tense!)

Listening to his music was like going to church and I’m so grateful for his music and Bowie’s that reside on my hard drive. I listened to them quite a few times and will continue to do so for the rest of my eternity. My only regret it is I never got to see them live. C’est la vie, maybe in the next life.

At least it’s wonderful to know music, their movies, their memory will live on forever and never stop inspiring.

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