confessions of a commitmentphobe (the idea of you)

Oh yeah, I like the idea of being in love… but ahhhh this poem, this lyric. It started as a conversation with myself, a sort of rationalization about my feelings for my ghost. It was an attempt to regain control. The words flowed freely and were easily followed by a soft melody. Oh yeah, I loved him or so I thought I did.

      Besides as I said above – I really liked the idea of being in love. That wonderful feeling of knowing there is/may be someone you could share a life with! But honestly, it scared the shit out of me (and still does). I still welcome it though. It being that feeling of overwhelming warmth that reminds me of the first blush of spring and fills me in the then, now and beyond even after it leaves. Such sweet naivete & like the hopeless fool I am & can be…

I will always believe.




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