des lignes en français revisited

I read this poem once before and it was one of those readings that went awry; for years I wanted to hide. But I wondered and pondered over how could I reintroduce this wee gem 😉 if I ever decided to read it in public again. I put this together just in case.

“Before I start, I should ask if anyone knows French.

This is a poem I’ve read before and I just wanted to give it another chance.

The beginning is a bunch of nonsense, a preamble of sorts leading to where the actual poem begins (context for the content). Soooooo… to set the scene 2 people meet cute on the street and he’s like “Hi! Remember me!”. She replies “Not really” and just stares warily; however curiosity begs her to ask from where. “In the past.” he replies. Hmmmmm, she smiles because c’est impossible because she has no past, you see. An awkward pause hangs in the air between them until he leaves. She watches him walk away and starts her soliloquy.

Je l’ai regardé marcher le long de la rue…”

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