the ballad of Mary Magdalene

It was the night before, 
and the day after another
we were sitting bored 
when your man appeared
like a savior from the streets
he was 6’2”, wearing platform shoes
with hair down to his waist
piercing eyes so blue
they held you fast in place
I can’t remember much more 
until later that night
down at the bistro sidewalk café
when he came up to me 
as I strummed my guitar
asked if I could play
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the wasted daze

she was most upset that she let him get inside her head.
had allowed him to take residence in her thoughts and interrupt her daily tasks so much so that all concentration was lost.
ha! she laughed out loud to herself. ffs, of course he'd be the one to cause such distress. how could she remove herself from this mess.
maybe call another, a former lover, who'd accept her invite with a hearty yes. she wouldn't though, they were memories better left in the past already tainted with reasons of why it didn't last.
anyway, she took a long drag of her cigarette and brushed away most of the stray thoughts from her head. tried to focus and tackle the tasks at hand. alas, all she wanted was to lay next to him. 

originally shared 9/1/14

on schedules

The hardest thing to do (for me) has been to set up a schedule. I do try to follow a daily routine; however it usually only lasts a week and then lather, rinse, repeat. Not only am I easily distracted (facebook and twitter), there are those real & imagined emergencies, things I need to do but have been putting off. Taking care of them can often set me back a day or two. I’m getting better though and set up tasks in my phone; either the day before or in the morning when I have my coffee.

First thing is exercise. Not only does it help clear my head and make it easier to focus on the todo’s, but it’s allowed to get back the body I used to know. Lol, I can’t afford a new wardrobe, but seriously it’s all about toning, not weight. I don’t even own a scale.
I work out at home, at least 5 days a week. I follow those fitness blender videos and mix in exercises I got from a personal trainer friend of mine. Happy to say I’ve seen results. I’m also much more comfortable in my own skin. I may never be a size 4 again and that’s OK.

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committing to consistency

wow what a busy and crazy few weeks it’s been – restarting the book, reworking this blog and setting up a youtube channel.

I’ve been doing this for a while but I was never consistent. In addition to life’s distractions, one of the things that kept me from posting was not being happy with the old editor. I didn’t like the spacing, but I’m thrilled with the verse block in Gutenberg. I was also unsure of what I wanted to share and put out there. Poetry can be so personal and ‘Dare I lay myself so Bare’ (possible/probable book title 🙂

I have more of an idea now.

Bear with me, though, because I’m still trying to gather my senses, organize myself and finally follow through on this commitment to share.

on editing

Way back when I edited and published a book. It was a long arduous process but the editing really took off after I got the first proof back.

My brother had an apartment on the other side of our building. He was also out of town a lot. So I kind of took it over to focus. There was no internet, cable and a very weak cell signal, but there was a tv and dvds.

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What If

I’m taking baby steps, 
I should be doin’ them two at a time.
Timidity plagues me.
Insecurity wracks my mind.
Am I skating on thin ice
 when I'm ready to break out and sail the skies.

I don’t know what’s holding me back 
other than myself
Or the perceptions of somebody else.
I speak too softly, 
gotta learn to shout.
Get up on that stage and rage
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