on editing

Way back when I edited and published a book. It was a long arduous process but the editing really took off after I got the first proof back.

My brother had an apartment on the other side of our building. He was also out of town a lot. So I kind of took it over to focus. There was no internet, cable and a very weak cell signal, but there was a tv and dvds.

I can’t count how many times I watched the Matrix and Easy Rider; however there was one dvd series that really got me through the process. That dvd was as The Beatles Anthology. It was perfect background viewing/listening and lived on repeat.

As I work on setting up and editing this new book I’m still in search of the perfect background viewing. Alas I no longer have access to that dvd. Right now my background is a mix between Buffy, Angel, various Youtube music videos and Pandora. Shuffle is my favorite station.

I need to focus and get to that first proof.  So back to the Beatles and a new playlist/mix. Something like this…

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