remember me

Remember me... when you’re famous
and your name is shining in lights
when you’re a shooting star 
who’s traveled so far
I’ve disappeared from your sights.
Forgive me… when you’re famous
give me my bragging rights
so I can say I knew you when
tell all my new friends
yeah...  you used to be so nice.
Don’t forget me… when your famous
or where you started from
the wrong side of the tracks
that beaten path
you’ll hit when your stellar ride is done.
I’ll catch you if I can
gently break your fall
when you’re no longer number one
your box office is gone
you discover you’re mortal after all.
I’ll catch you if I can
gently break your fall
I’ll stand beside you when it’s said and done
in the before and after all. 

Remember Me live at the open mic

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