on schedules

The hardest thing to do (for me) has been to set up a schedule. I do try to follow a daily routine; however it usually only lasts a week and then lather, rinse, repeat. Not only am I easily distracted (facebook and twitter), there are those real & imagined emergencies, things I need to do but have been putting off. Taking care of them can often set me back a day or two. I’m getting better though and set up tasks in my phone; either the day before or in the morning when I have my coffee.

First thing is exercise. Not only does it help clear my head and make it easier to focus on the todo’s, but it’s allowed to get back the body I used to know. Lol, I can’t afford a new wardrobe, but seriously it’s all about toning, not weight. I don’t even own a scale.
I work out at home, at least 5 days a week. I follow those fitness blender videos and mix in exercises I got from a personal trainer friend of mine. Happy to say I’ve seen results. I’m also much more comfortable in my own skin. I may never be a size 4 again and that’s OK.

Do you guys have a daily routine? Has it been hard to stick to a schedule? I mentioned in a previous post that I’m trying to be more consistent here. I also have goals to meet. Can’t believe it’s almost September. Where did the year go?

Well time to get back to the todo’s.  enjoy this rhyme:

 time. time. 
I need more time and I want it to stand still.
I'm drowning in the to-do's,
marking moments with must-get-done's,
when all I need is to figure out my future and follow the dreams
I left behind in the used-to-be's.

Btdubs this is one of my favorite fitness blender videos & part of my regular routine.

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