a little advice

 look at you
 like some bohemian 
 rhapsody in Blue
 drinking that Bud
 sucking that Camel
 you are Rodin’s Thinker
 on a bar stool
 God, you are so cool.
 so do you mind 
 if I sat next to you 
 and ransacked your mind
 to see what I can find
 as we ponder life
 and what’s it all about
 what did you discover
 that the birds and the bees
 aren’t all they’re cracked up to be
 that money makes the world go round
 like a carousel
 and you can never grab
 that golden ring
 it’s too high, too far
 always passing you by
 and love won’t pay the rent
 it only warms your soul 
 in desperate need
 of food not on the table
 do you feel like a fool
 for wanting more
 what’s so cool 
 and as little as possible
 in that search of freedom 
 for a little while
 you bounce back and forth
 like the easy rider
 armchair traveler
 who’s seen the world
 to pass some wisdom
 to me and others
 before walking off into your Hollywood sunset
 does Prince Charming really exist?
 we’d all like to know
 have you passed him by 
 on the highway of life
 thumbing for a ride
 to the greener side
 'cause you can tell him
 I’m available 
 for a night or two
 maybe a lifetime.
 have you ridden enough waves
 dwelled in enough caves
 hidden beneath 
 that cloak of coolness
 long enough to 
 take a look at me
 and see something more you want 
 than the tight reins of being free
 that’s kept you so alone
 is there someone
 you could share your heart with
 ride along the highway with
 as the wind blows back your hair
 and the bugs stick to your teeth
 you never have to look back
 on all that greed
 you already said goodbye to 
 so long ago
 now I bet that is the total rush
 the ultimate freedom 
 to be with someone you love
 then you’re in heaven
 and you ain’t never gonna be freer,
 richer, or happier
 so ponder that for awhile, Bud
 and buy another on me
 by the way can I bum a cigarette
 I only smoke OP’s. 

watch me perform it live here

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