I wish I knew that 
the last kiss we shared  
was the last time our lips would meet 
and that goodbye 
'see you later' 
would be the last vision 
of you my eyes  
would see 
how fleeting life is 
I took for granted 
that there would be a next time 
another chance  
one last moment  
to forever remember 
alas you left me in the dark 
with nothing but regret. 
Focus bitch
turn off twitter, look away from the tv
try to remember
what it was like to dream
get it together
and heed unsolicited advice
advertised on your feed
be the change you want to see
lament and regret
no more
be grateful
and stop waiting for the right time
you'll lose more than your mind
just be and make the most of these moments
The dawn washed over our bodies
We reveled in the awakening
Look at Us!
We are Real!
Human happiness welled within
You see - we did not lose ourselves
to the darkness

The sun rises high
and bathes our bodies 
in it's golden rays
We kneel, give praise
and worship the golden sun god

Then close the shades to sleep. 

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