two poems about poems video

Recorded on July 2, 2020. Two untitled poems about poems. One I call something like a rhythm and the other is about a blank piece of paper.

The question of the night is about influences. Tonight’s host is Leo, aka The Chef Comic, check more of him out here.

Context of the conversation: On July 1st LA went back into lockdown mode again. Indoor dining stopped but take out and patio dining were still allowed. It’s a flashback into the uncertainty of that 2nd closure, like naively believing, thinking we could reopen in 3 weeks, lol.(We didn’t reopen for indoor dining until March 2021.) In the second part of the conversation I reference a line from a zoom meeting with public officials, specifically Chief Michael Moore, that happened here in LA. Video of that zoom call can be found here. More from that same zoom call featuring local residents frustration with the LAPD can be found here. Enjoy the poems and this moment from last year. ✌️

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