music makes the moments

for every moment there is a melody 
a seemingly random lyric 
it can conjure a long lost memory 
or better it defines the time 
where you are now.
it makes you smile. 
it makes you cry. 
makes you think you can sing
makes you believe and 
reminds you it’s ok to dream.
when hanging with friends old and new 
every time a classic tune started to play 
I use to say “there are so many songs about me” 
Oh I was such a tease. 

those melody’s though, 
they really capture the moment
It is so much more than the soundtrack of our lives 
let your mind wander
make you wish you could stay there 
a little longer

there is so much more to say but I'll leave it here with this: 
to all the moments and the memories 
that were and are still to come

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