hobnob, butte, diminutive

if I hiked to the top of that diminutive butte could I capture the sunset, will I be able see the ocean, watch the waves crash upon the beach, can I touch a cloud if I stretch high and reach for the sky. I was invited to a soirée the other day, with glee I... Continue Reading →

obtuse, hector, codicil

My words can be obtuse, I felt I need to explain myself further and ended up repeating and repeating all the time. came across like a bully because of misunderstanding. I never meant to hector, didn't mean to lecture. I was passing on some information, a codicil, if you will, something like that. Wod 9/25

breaking the block

What’s up with the words of the day? One day I was bored and on the verge of letting my mind wander into the desolation of my imagination. I did not want to go there. So as a distraction I looked up the words of the day. I was blown away and had an epiphany.... Continue Reading →

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