a lyric and a song part 2

Recorded on 8/27/20. This is the 2nd part of a two part video. I share the acapella song We Could’ve Been Good. I was going to go with another one but came across this one first (hence the speeded up part while I was looking 😉 The question of the night was “If you could gift everyone with one skill, what would it be?” Stick around for the end to hear Transe & Hanna’s response.

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Dazed, Confused and more video

Recorded on May 28, 2020. Tonight’s poem is Dazed & Confused. The question of the night was about something interesting we had recently seen. Tonight’s hosts are Transe and Hanna, find out more about them through the links in their name. FYI Transe just released a video game called Psycho Limos check it out

She Falls

May 21, 2020. LA has been on lockdown for 2 months. The weekly open mic I used to attend moved from the coffeeshop to instagram live. Tonight’s poem is She and the question of the night was about what will never go out of style. The host is Leo aka the Chef Comic. Enjoy. More to follow.

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