I love my library card

Oh 'twas a sad day when I learned that the overdrive phone app would soon be going away. It was/is my favorite app. I had even turned some friends on to it along with the benefits of having our local library card. Like not only can you read books you also have access to some... Continue Reading →

Still Life by Louise Penny So far so good. Will look more into this series. ps I’m a huge fan of Bosch & Alex Cross

reprobate, acquire, awning

85 degrees in February! Oh LA and your endless summers. Barely any need for sweaters, only in December. I look up only to have those blues skies remind me that I need to acquire an awning. It has been a couple of years the Santa Anas have taken their toll, the current tarps had to... Continue Reading →

breaking the block

What’s up with the words of the day? One day I was bored and on the verge of letting my mind wander into the desolation of my imagination. I did not want to go there. So as a distraction I looked up the words of the day. I was blown away and had an epiphany.... Continue Reading →

currently on my kindle

an excerpt of A Certain Lady by Dorothy Parker Wicked Charms by Janet Evanovich & Phoef Sutton One of my favorite apps is Overdrive which allows me to download various books from my local public library which is the Los Angeles public library. Above are screenshots of what I'm currently reading. Lol there was a... Continue Reading →

you brought me a thousand doubts

Hafiz, Rumi, Forough Farrokhzad, no one does poetry quite like the Persians. A friend in Tehran even once compared me to Forough, it made me blush because that was a compliment of the highest order. I wish I was as talented. So why am I here. I'm here to share the fal-e hafiz, a way... Continue Reading →

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