breaking the block

What’s up with the words of the day?

One day I was bored and on the verge of letting my mind wander into the desolation of my imagination. I did not want to go there. So as a distraction I looked up the words of the day. I was blown away and had an epiphany.

I cannot stress enough how much they perfectly detailed the drama of the day before.
Suddenly lines and rhymes started to flood my mind, a narrative began to form.
I scribbled in excitement because a poem was about to be born.

I wanted to write more.

So now it’s a prompt I’m using to break writers block and get these creative juices to stir. How can three words fit together? Where could I let my mind go?

It’s really helped a lot even though I don’t follow it everyday. Life often gets in the way. There are more poems & paragraphs sitting in drafts waiting for me to find enough focus to edit and post them. Stay tuned…

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