to do list

the day started late
I slept in 
but now it's afternoon
I'm awake
wondering what's the plan
Will I get to those errands
I've been putting off
Will I find the energy
to go for a walk
Perhaps I'll take the time
to color my hair
it is, after all, the start 
of a brand new age
& I should attend 
to these grey strays
I should do a lot of things
I just have to start with one. 


Sometimes I feel so slow because my mind takes its time 
and I don't always get the messages filled with hidden agendas
the irony being that I'm a huge fan
of the double entendre and witty word play
which comes in handy writing poetry
but in conversations and other real life situations
I often want to pause and ask for clarification
but due to intimidation
I'll just run with the misinterpretation
in all its awkward glory
before I change the subject
and go off topic
someday it’ll make a great story
“Remember that time…”
but honestly that is all just speculation
I'm not usually aware of being in a situation
I'll most likely react with a blank stare
and an even more awkward smile
and a silently stated ‘OK’
before I turn around and go
before you know I'm slow.

spring has arrived

Spring has arrived
and the zodiac has spun a full circle
flowers bloom, birds sing
all kinds of pretty girls sport a good man’s ring
all kinds, that is, but me
my love life is as barren as a desert floor
my heart lies there alone
wilted like a rose
there are no crushes
I can look forward to
or have brighten my day
the sky may be blue
but all I see is the grey.
yes, spring may have arrived
but for me winter never left.

*originally shared 3/20/14

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