manticore, sporadic, nomenclature

Last night I dreamt of the manticore again. 
it sat above me on top of 
the mountain pass, waiting for me 
to reach the gate. I trodded and 
trudged up the hill dreading the moment 
when I would reach the apex. 
I did not want to be judged, but 
still I climbed and crawled over 
the boulders blocking the path. 
Will the obstacles I overcame and 
surpassed make him sympathize 
and feel my plight? I doubt it. 
I could hear his stomach growl, 
it was like thunder. 
I could sense his hunger. 
It just waited and watched. 
Why didn't it pounce 
and put me out of my misery 
just end this journey? 
Was it too invested by it's 
delight in my struggle? 
Damn you demon!  
You may best me  
and get in my way but 
I will win & get over this trouble 
triumphant as I beat you back into the rubble. 
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Watching Time

I lived a thousand life times 
 loved a thousand more 
 I’ve haunted long forgotten ruins
 and cruised the coastal shores
 searching for my destiny
 on streets of broken dreams
 where I was young & forever was mine
 I had nothing but time
 but that was then it’s not today
 it’s another place and time
 of where and whens and used to be’s
 I used to wanna be so many things.
 I used to have so many dreams.
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