15 minutes

one simple sentence 
using simple words
we're all screaming
we just wanna be heard
voices fighting
for the front of the line
voices fighting
for our time
it's 15 minutes
in the spotlight
make the most of the moment
make it worth your fight
we only get 15 minutes
to be remembered
don't let your legacy
burn in the embers
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billet-doux, kinship, cordiform

I heard the ping 
vibrate from my phone
A text sent
waiting for me to respond
A petit billet-doux,
one single picture
hands held in cordiform.
Such a simple message
but it signified so much more
what a special kinship,
we shared
Whatever it was I cherished it
more than most.
I smiled and blushed
then returned the text
with a
to show my love.

wod 2/14

inane, menace, columbarium

That cackle sent a chill down my spine. 
How could the others stand it.
Every time he laughed I shuddered
as if fingers had just run down a
chalkboard. He was so mundane
and had a most inane obsession
with my personal life, with everyone's. 
Gossip girl as a nickname did
not do justice. He was filled with
malice, his curiosity was a menace 
to the community.
The desire to break bonds and
create chaos with some farfetched story 
is where he sought his glory. 
I watched him cause worry with the calmest of the sages.
They went grey after being drawn into his games.
Ignoring him was the best I could do,
but he still tried to force interactions.
I tried to turn a blind eye and pretend he didn't happen.
I mean, he's not my problem anymore
that's why I ignored the door
to the columbarium when it opened
and he walked out covered in ash.
                May wreaking havoc with the dead be his last act.

words of the day 11/1


Sometimes I feel so slow because my mind takes its time 
and I don't always get the messages filled with hidden agendas
the irony being that I'm a huge fan
of the double entendre and witty word play
which comes in handy writing poetry
but in conversations and other real life situations
I often want to pause and ask for clarification
but due to intimidation
I'll just run with the misinterpretation
in all its awkward glory
before I change the subject
and go off topic
someday it’ll make a great story
“Remember that time…”
but honestly that is all just speculation
I'm not usually aware of being in a situation
I'll most likely react with a blank stare
and an even more awkward smile
and a silently stated ‘OK’
before I turn around and go
before you know I'm slow.


there are a lot of sentences scattered
throughout my home, 
scattered like litter 
clogging up my life.
in a cloud of disconnected thoughts
they deserve further exploration
perhaps placement in some poem.
until then they linger
like the silent part of the conversation
trapped in the ether
of a distracted mind
still looking for a home…

Currently sorting through that litter and will be sharing more words including past posts from previous versions of this blog.

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spring has arrived

Spring has arrived
and the zodiac has spun a full circle
flowers bloom, birds sing
all kinds of pretty girls sport a good man’s ring
all kinds, that is, but me
my love life is as barren as a desert floor
my heart lies there alone
wilted like a rose
there are no crushes
I can look forward to
or have brighten my day
the sky may be blue
but all I see is the grey.
yes, spring may have arrived
but for me winter never left.

*originally shared 3/20/14

Atlantic City

 It stays with you even after you run more than a thousand miles to the other side of the country and swear you saw his face just now in the crowd.
 It stays with you and you question whether you’d go to the cops again. for a long time it wasn't something I would recommend. It was over 8 hours of hell repeating myself. I was exhausted, alone, left to sit there commando... I could go on but these lines are already too tmi.
 It stays with you so long you once made the date your pin number.
 It stays with you then a hashtag becomes a movement. You want to speak up and share. but mostly you just stay quiet and empathize in silence because it's not easy to go there.
 It stays with you
       until you write an ode to it’s memory 
       so you never have to repeat the story...
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