15 minutes

one simple sentence 
using simple words
we're all screaming
we just wanna be heard
voices fighting
for the front of the line
voices fighting
for our time
it's 15 minutes
in the spotlight
make the most of the moment
make it worth your fight
we only get 15 minutes
to be remembered
don't let your legacy
burn in the embers
I'm fighting for my place 
at the front of the line
I'm making the effort
to be seen this time
because I only got 15 minutes
left to shine
15 minutes
to etch my name in time

you got 15 minutes
to stake your claim
state the why
you should be remembered
why we should know your name
You got 15 minutes 
to make your mark
be careful

or you'll leave a scar

More of a lyric. I wrote this walking home singing into my phone. ✌️

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