the cryptic rendezvous

I did not want my mind to go there
I did my best not to let it wander
into the desolation of my imagination
so as a distraction

I looked up the words of the day
they so perfectly detailed the situation
and the lines and rhymes started

to flood my mind
a narrative began to form
scribbles in excitement
a poem was about to be born.
Their eyes met in cryptic exchange
heated on his part,

annoyed she was way too early
for their rendezvous.
Hours early

he still had work to do.
She smiled back oblivious
but she knew and took this time
to reclaim her space
make others aware of her face
why she was there

and who she was there for.
He questioned his choice on this rapprochement
maybe he had re-established this relationship too soon.
Was this going to be a regular scene…
I cringed when she walked in
Watched her anxiously look for him
imagined their eyes meeting
in some cryptic exchange.
if a rendezvous had been planned
it wouldn't be at the beginning
of his shift

I watched the exchange
and wrote these words
as I quietly questioned my worth
but only semi-distressed, still
what was their deal?
and why did I feel this way

Then I remembered our
last conversation
about this situation,
my mind was at ease.
besides we had woke up
together the day before,
and mornings with him
were sweeter than sugar.
still I wanted to know

what was going on here?
was this a rapprochement,
a re-establishment of a relationship
or a continuation of something
that had never ended.
was I being played,
was I the fool in this game
if she knew of any others
she did not know me by name
Oh what a tangled web we wove
which tryst meant more to him
I didn't think he was into the
drama but she reminded him

of another place,
another time,
a love neither of us could replace

rapprochement, rendezvous, cryptic

wod 8/24/21

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