the cryptic rendezvous

I did not want my mind to go there
I did my best not to let it wander
into the desolation of my imagination
so as a distraction

I looked up the words of the day
they so perfectly detailed the situation
and the lines and rhymes started

to flood my mind
a narrative began to form
scribbles in excitement
a poem was about to be born.
Their eyes met in cryptic exchange
heated on his part,

annoyed she was way too early
for their rendezvous.
Hours early

he still had work to do.
She smiled back oblivious
but she knew and took this time
to reclaim her space
make others aware of her face
why she was there

and who she was there for.
He questioned his choice on this rapprochement
maybe he had re-established this relationship too soon.
Was this going to be a regular scene…
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What If

I’m taking baby steps, 
I should be doin’ them two at a time.
Timidity plagues me.
Insecurity wracks my mind.
Am I skating on thin ice
 when I'm ready to break out and sail the skies.

I don’t know what’s holding me back 
other than myself
Or the perceptions of somebody else.
I speak too softly, 
gotta learn to shout.
Get up on that stage and rage
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that feeling when the impossible seems probable. 
but you're looking for answers no one can give. 
like do I go right or turn left? 
can you spoil me on what lies ahead? 
will this next step be one I might regret? 

 all these questions met with a sea of silence. 
a sea of silence that leaves you drowning in doubt. 
wondering "omigah!  should I have asked that outloud?"  

 but it doesn't matter. 
you've left yourself with no choice now 
close your eyes, breathe deep, 
                                                   and leap... 

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