an intimate glitch

Ooooooh so there was a glitch in my scheme so it seemed I thought because of his Nordic good looks he would respond kindly because I took the time to cook and baked these krumkake cookies for him hours, days and months of familiar, intimate conversation I finally had the courage to show my appreciation... Continue Reading →

the cryptic rendezvous

I did not want my mind to go there I did my best not to let it wander into the desolation of my imagination so as a distraction I looked up the words of the day they so perfectly detailed the situation and the lines and rhymes started to flood my minda narrative began to... Continue Reading →

zaftig, charlatan, mojo

descriptors didn't enamor her so why was she enchanted by this charlatan's words. for a brief second: he was the guy The mojo this charlatan possessed often left her feeling blessed Aw sweetie, anything for you she would reply with a coy sparkle in her eye and a spring in her step magical moments that... Continue Reading →

reprobate, acquire, awning

85 degrees in February! Oh LA and your endless summers. Barely any need for sweaters, only in December. I look up only to have those blues skies remind me that I need to acquire an awning. It has been a couple of years the Santa Anas have taken their toll, the current tarps had to... Continue Reading →

reciprocal, somersault rationale

Oh my god she gasped silently. What did he do, now? She shrunk back into her shell and turned away. If she doesn’t see it, or acknowledge his actions with a reaction… did it happen? Deep inside she was touched, it wasn’t exactly a declaration of love, far from it, but she giggled as if... Continue Reading →

congenial reveal matcha

I tried my best to put on a congenial facade, but the patron’s persistance that we had matcha was wearing me down. How many times could I repeat ‘No, we don’t.’How many times could I list the teas we had in stock. I reminded her again that we weren’t a Starbucks or a cozy corner... Continue Reading →

devotion, daunt, cryosphere

A noise behind the closed door startled his senses, with a jolt he shot up like a bolt. It was a crash bang clang, a signal that a new disturbance had entered the atmosphere He was tempted to call out "Hello, who's there?" but then he had a flashback to the last time he asked... Continue Reading →

obtuse, hector, codicil

My words can be obtuse, I felt I need to explain myself further and ended up repeating and repeating all the time. came across like a bully because of misunderstanding. I never meant to hector, didn't mean to lecture. I was passing on some information, a codicil, if you will, something like that. Wod 9/25

breaking the block

What’s up with the words of the day? One day I was bored and on the verge of letting my mind wander into the desolation of my imagination. I did not want to go there. So as a distraction I looked up the words of the day. I was blown away and had an epiphany.... Continue Reading →

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