an intimate glitch

Ooooooh so there was a glitch 
in my scheme so it seemed
I thought because of his
Nordic good looks 
he would respond kindly
because I took the time to cook 
and baked these krumkake cookies 
for him 
hours, days and months of 
familiar, intimate conversation
I finally had the courage 
to show my appreciation
with more than a hope 
we could move beyond just friends
Alas, he looked at me aghast 
I don't know what to say 
misinterpretation is my forté
He replied ‘Oh dear, 
I didn't mean for you to take
my friendship that way. 
I’m not that guy
I'm not the one who's going to stay.’
I blushed and searched for an out,
any excuse to remove 
this foot from my mouth.
‘Oh. I just thought it would
remind you of home,
what do I know.
I was looking at something…
when click went the switch.
It was an idea
I couldn't leave alone.’

wod krumkake, intimate, glitch 8/24/22

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