Hey baby, it’s cold outside I’m walking, my way is lit the garland shines real bright. don’t worry my scarf is on and in my coat I’m wrapped up tight. I’m on the prowl, out and about looking for a guy tonight Baby it’s cold outside fill my soul. warm me up with some alcohol.... Continue Reading →

a little advice

look at you like some bohemian rhapsody in Blue drinking that Bud sucking that Camel you are Rodin’s Thinker on a bar stool God, you are so cool. so do you mind if I sat next to you and ransacked your mind to see what I can find as we ponder life and what’s it... Continue Reading →

the wasted daze

she was most upset that she let him get inside her head. had allowed him to take residence in her thoughts and interrupt her daily tasks so much so that all concentration was lost. ha! she laughed out loud to herself. ffs, of course he'd be the one to cause such distress. how could she... Continue Reading →

remember me

Remember me... when you’re famous and your name is shining in lights when you’re a shooting star who’s traveled so far I’ve disappeared from your sights. Forgive me… when you’re famous give me my bragging rights so I can say I knew you when tell all my new friends yeah... you used to be so... Continue Reading →

time. time. I need more time and I want it to stand still. I'm drowning in the to-do's, marking moments with must-get-done's, when all I need is to figure out my future and follow the dreams I left behind in the used-to-be's.

des lignes en français revisited

I read this poem once before and it was one of those readings that went awry; for years I wanted to hide. But I wondered and pondered over how could I reintroduce this wee gem 😉 if I ever decided to read it in public again. I put this together just in case. "Before I... Continue Reading →

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