facile ghoulish garb of the ravenous revenant

"C'était très facile. no trouble at  
all" she said as she shrugged her  
shoulders pushing my concerns aside. 
I was horrified by what she'd done. 
How, not now! Holy cow, sitting at  
the table was a revenant of her  
late husband, my father, dressed 
in his best golfer's garb. 
His appetite was ravenous.
the kitchen was a mess,
he had ransacked
the refrigerator and cupboard,
still demanded more.
He needed a new distraction,
how could I divert his attention.
There was a ghoulish gleam in his eye
as he looked my way.
Not today! I screamed inside,
turned right and ran into the next room.

words of the day 10/26 & 10/27

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