the re-read

I re-read my words 
and try to remember the time
but ultimately I remember the mood
that goes with every rhyme.
In some I smile and bask in the joy
that comes from when the writing is done.
In others I relive the darkness
that had enveloped me
as it encroached on my soul
but as I wrote those words
I was finally able to let it go.
I don't know what people
will see
what they will read
what they will eventually
believe of me.
But if they could identify
and know those moments
inhabit us all…
Then I did my duty
and it was worth it all.



there are a lot of sentences scattered
throughout my home, 
scattered like litter 
clogging up my life.
in a cloud of disconnected thoughts
they deserve further exploration
perhaps placement in some poem.
until then they linger
like the silent part of the conversation
trapped in the ether
of a distracted mind
still looking for a home…

Currently sorting through that litter and will be sharing more words including past posts from previous versions of this blog.

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on editing

Way back when I edited and published a book. It was a long arduous process but the editing really took off after I got the first proof back.

My brother had an apartment on the other side of our building. He was also out of town a lot. So I kind of took it over to focus. There was no internet, cable and a very weak cell signal, but there was a tv and dvds.

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