My mind is reeling
somewhat overwhelmed
stressed, distressed 
over impending progress
as I step forward towards the future
into an unknown tomorrow
my first instinct is to retreat
in the sweet oblivion 
of procrastination, 
hesitation & constant second guessing.
I make lists of unfinished business
then sit and watch Netflix,
while the hours of the day whittle away
to the coming dawn
I feel a yawn coming on
and know that soon 
I have to set aside this pen
and find a way to end these lines
with a suitable rhyme
that continues the flow
before I lie back and ponder
the things I haven’t done 
and need to complete tomorrow.
No Ties
there are no ties 
that bind me here 
no reasons that can compel me to remain 
the world will go on 
even if I’m gone 
and I will keep singing my own song 
because the ties that bind 
are all in my mind.
I wish I knew that 
the last kiss we shared  
was the last time our lips would meet 
and that goodbye 
'see you later' 
would be the last vision 
of you my eyes  
would see 
how fleeting life is 
I took for granted 
that there would be a next time 
another chance  
one last moment  
to forever remember 
alas you left me in the dark 
with nothing but regret. 
Focus bitch
turn off twitter, look away from the tv
try to remember
what it was like to dream
get it together
and heed unsolicited advice
advertised on your feed
be the change you want to see
lament and regret
no more
be grateful
and stop waiting for the right time
you'll lose more than your mind
just be and make the most of these moments

Atlantic City

 It stays with you even after you run more than a thousand miles to the other side of the country and swear you saw his face just now in the crowd.
 It stays with you and you question whether you’d go to the cops again. for a long time it wasn't something I would recommend. It was over 8 hours of hell repeating myself. I was exhausted, alone, left to sit there commando... I could go on but these lines are already too tmi.
 It stays with you so long you once made the date your pin number.
 It stays with you then a hashtag becomes a movement. You want to speak up and share. but mostly you just stay quiet and empathize in silence because it's not easy to go there.
 It stays with you
       until you write an ode to it’s memory 
       so you never have to repeat the story...
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What If

I’m taking baby steps, 
I should be doin’ them two at a time.
Timidity plagues me.
Insecurity wracks my mind.
Am I skating on thin ice
 when I'm ready to break out and sail the skies.

I don’t know what’s holding me back 
other than myself
Or the perceptions of somebody else.
I speak too softly, 
gotta learn to shout.
Get up on that stage and rage
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