the worst thing I can hear

The worst thing I can hear are those three words many hold so dear,       
Oh they’ll wait, forever and a day, to hear them at least once in their life
but not me
those three words just mean goodbye.

It’s my last memory of you,
the last words I heard before you disappeared
and I had to accept we were through.
and that’s how I came to dread the phrase
‘I love you’.

Now, it just makes me roll my eyes, flash a forced grin & say aww that’s nice,then lay here splayed, après play, and wait for your goodbye. Those three words just make me sigh.

Don’t play me for a fool, just be sincere, just be true. make me feel, make me care, caress my mind with ornate lines I’ll return the favor in kind. become a memory I can use

the next time I need a muse.

*Years ago I was on a date & I mentioned something about my 3 favorite words… He said ‘I love you’, I looked at him confused and laughed ‘God no, not that. Under the Table.’ So silly, but I’m a fool.

*The above was written as I listened to Rizzo from Grease sing ‘There are worst things I could do.’ Love that song, so read it with that in mind 😉

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