perfidy, lofty, dedication aka procrastination

her lofty ambitions often held her back, 
was it the lack of dedication
to follow through and make them true.
She was tired of trying
and denying it was the problem.
If only they knew…
her beast was back, closing in fast
just as she was rediscovering trust,
but the deliberate perfidy by
some friends was too much to handle,
seriously am not ready for the scandal.
Welcome stormy weather,

let me light a candle.
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there are a lot of sentences scattered
throughout my home, 
scattered like litter 
clogging up my life.
in a cloud of disconnected thoughts
they deserve further exploration
perhaps placement in some poem.
until then they linger
like the silent part of the conversation
trapped in the ether
of a distracted mind
still looking for a home…

Currently sorting through that litter and will be sharing more words including past posts from previous versions of this blog.

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I'm tired
trapped in transit
between anger and apathy 
I didn't think I had any more fucks left to give 
what is this shit! 

I watch the world around me tear itself in two  
So much trash 
never followed by action 
just reactions
mere distractions
and another day fades away. 
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