My mind is reeling
somewhat overwhelmed
stressed, distressed 
over impending progress
as I step forward towards the future
into an unknown tomorrow
my first instinct is to retreat
in the sweet oblivion 
of procrastination, 
hesitation & constant second guessing.
I make lists of unfinished business
then sit and watch Netflix,
while the hours of the day whittle away
to the coming dawn
I feel a yawn coming on
and know that soon 
I have to set aside this pen
and find a way to end these lines
with a suitable rhyme
that continues the flow
before I lie back and ponder
the things I haven’t done 
and need to complete tomorrow.

things I tell myself

Should write, create and explore more.
 Should focus and finish those projects I've ignored.
 Should stop smoking, drink less and exercise.
 Should stop being so stressed, learn to relax and prioritize.
 Should stop crying, need to laugh more and smile.
 Should accept regret and do it with style.
 Should develop a voice and stop censoring myself.
 Should stop trying to be somebody else.
 Should keep my mind, my legs and my options open.
 Should get laid and not be afraid to show emotion.
 Should not stop dreaming or believing, lest I grow bitter.
 Should put down my phone and log off facebook and twitter.
 Should strive for more, stop settling but still take my time.
 Should just breathe, just be and shine. 
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time. time. 
I need more time and I want it to stand still. 
I'm drowning in the to-do's, 
marking moments with must-get-done's, 
when all I need is to figure out my future and follow the dreams 
I left behind in the used-to-be's. 

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