Have to take a moment, let my eyes adjust and my pupils dilate, Oh! the musty scent of the damp stones, couldn't help but crinkle my nose I was lost, with no plan, caught traipsing through tunnels without a map I need to focus, mentally retrace my steps, try anyway, and answer those questions How... Continue Reading →

hobnob, butte, diminutive

if I hiked to the top of that diminutive butte could I capture the sunset, will I be able see the ocean, watch the waves crash upon the beach, can I touch a cloud if I stretch high and reach for the sky. I was invited to a soirée the other day, with glee I... Continue Reading →

manticore, sporadic, nomenclature

Last night I dreamt of the manticore again. it sat above me on top of the mountain pass, waiting for me to reach the gate. I trodded and trudged up the hill dreading the moment when I would reach the apex. I did not want to be judged, but still I climbed and crawled over... Continue Reading →

passel busk culminate

There's a poetic lyric I wrote a long time ago.I use passel in the opening verse. "Do fairy tales really come true, tell me Cinderella whatever happened to you. You got your house on the hill, your passel of kids.."It goes something like that andit's the featured song/poemof the next video I'm working on(but still... Continue Reading →

inane, menace, columbarium

That cackle sent a chill down my spine. How could the others stand it. Every time he laughed I shuddered as if fingers had just run down a chalkboard. He was so mundane and had a most inane obsession with my personal life, with everyone's. Gossip girl as a nickname did not do justice. He... Continue Reading →

bogus, anomaly, verst

confused by the term, she thought hard, you could see it reflected in her expression, the furrowed brow and pursed lips in deep contemplation‘2 versts and you'll be there.’ Where? What? 2 verses? She misunderstood, but still triedto find the lines that could get herto the destination she wanted to find"Go 2 versts! 10 blocks... Continue Reading →

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