a lyric and a song part 2

Recorded on 8/27/20. This is the 2nd part of a two part video. I share the acapella song We Could've Been Good. I was going to go with another one but came across this one first (hence the speeded up part while I was looking 😉 The question of the night was "If you could... Continue Reading →

an intimate glitch

Ooooooh so there was a glitch in my scheme so it seemed I thought because of his Nordic good looks he would respond kindly because I took the time to cook and baked these krumkake cookies for him hours, days and months of familiar, intimate conversation I finally had the courage to show my appreciation... Continue Reading →

I love my library card

Oh 'twas a sad day when I learned that the overdrive phone app would soon be going away. It was/is my favorite app. I had even turned some friends on to it along with the benefits of having our local library card. Like not only can you read books you also have access to some... Continue Reading →

a lyric and a song part 1

Recorded on 8/27/20. This is the part one of a two part video. I start off by sharing the lyric Something New and show off Garbo again. (Earlier our fabulous hosts Transe and Hanna were showing off their cats and you know cat people 😉 A quick note about this lyric, it was inspired after... Continue Reading →


Have to take a moment, let my eyes adjust and my pupils dilate, Oh! the musty scent of the damp stones, couldn't help but crinkle my nose I was lost, with no plan, caught traipsing through tunnels without a map I need to focus, mentally retrace my steps, try anyway, and answer those questions How... Continue Reading →

15 minutes

one simple sentence using simple words we're all screaming we just wanna be heard voices fighting for the front of the line voices fighting for our time it's 15 minutes in the spotlight make the most of the moment make it worth your fight we only get 15 minutes to be remembered don't let your... Continue Reading →

the cryptic rendezvous

I did not want my mind to go there I did my best not to let it wander into the desolation of my imagination so as a distraction I looked up the words of the day they so perfectly detailed the situation and the lines and rhymes started to flood my minda narrative began to... Continue Reading →

ruts and such

It's been two months that I've been stuck, trapped in a rut I’ve been unable to dig myself out of. Two months. I couldn't look up, kept myself down laid out on the ground. The future is still a fog but I finally took the first stepto drag myself out of this bog…

hobnob, butte, diminutive

if I hiked to the top of that diminutive butte could I capture the sunset, will I be able see the ocean, watch the waves crash upon the beach, can I touch a cloud if I stretch high and reach for the sky. I was invited to a soirée the other day, with glee I... Continue Reading →

Still Life by Louise Penny So far so good. Will look more into this series. ps I’m a huge fan of Bosch & Alex Cross

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