2 poems, 1 video

Lorem ipsum dolor
I’m looking for words with color,
vibrancy, and depth
to translate these thoughts running through my head
and turn them into some coherent rhyme
Lord knows I love a good line.

recorded October 31, 2019. Halloween. I went as exhausted. 🎃✌️

Poetry is life exaggerated.
Often a re-imagined memory
of a moment I should regret
mingled with observations of a life
I haven’t experienced yet.

Poetry is all those words I wish I said
and all the ones I can’t take back.
Poetry is about nothing
and nobody in particular
and everyone and everything I know.

It’s a melting pot of personalities
intertwined realities
captured in words
to express the beauty and sorrow
in a way that readers might relate
but really so I might grow.

Poetry is an inspired menagerie
Collected in a collage of images
that have lingered long in my mind
nestled deep, waiting
for the right words to set them free.

Poetry is all of the above and so much more.
It is breaking the rules of grammar,
playing with phrases
making the most of those double entendres
and lastly but not least

Poetry is the medicine
that mends me and makes me whole
that light that illuminates the darkness and helps me best beat back my beasts.

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