2 poems and a cameo by Garbo video

recorded on 8/13/20. Tonight I share two untitled poems, one that is kind of about prince charming and another about a break-up. I also show off Garbo, who does not want to be on camera. Oh cats, but I love him so. 😻

The question of the night is about how we approach practicing and what is our mindset about it.

Tonight’s host are the wonderful Hanna and Trans. Learn more about them here: https://www.instagram.com/thetransedmind/ https://www.instagram.com/hannalynnroth/

I hope you enjoy the poems and this moment from 2020. This video is captioned so do make sure they are on if you want to follow along. If you want to learn more about this open mic visit: https://www.instagram.com/fos_thursdays/. We still get together every Thursday via zoom.

Damn You Disney
Ahh, so now you enter
waltzing in on your white horse
Yes, aren't you Prince Charming,
Sir Lancelot and the Calvary
all rolled into one.
Have you come to save me?
I never asked to be rescued
yet there you stand
with your hand out, palm up
offering your services.
As if you could be my salvation.
Let me tell you
that it 's all just a myth
stories reserved for fairy tales and fables.
Happy endings never happen,
do they?
I'm no damsel in distress
I’m just another dame,
a lady in the dark
in need of direction, any distraction
so I can focus my attention.
Is that you?
My hero, My knight in shining armor.
Yes, I see that you are still here
But isn't there someplace else you’d rather be?
Aren't there other ladies to rescue?
Aren't there any dragons left to slay?
Aren't there any crusades that could use you,
some village you could save?
No. What are you waiting for?
Your patience to wear me down.
Do you think I’ll reach out and take your hand?
Do you think I’ll give in,
even though I don’t want you,
don’t need you
not even a little bit.
I know, I do have to admit
you are oh so tempting
and tonight I could really use a happy ending.
So I'll give you this round,
Even though I may not need saving
I am game for adventure.
So let’s head off into the East
Into the sunset
Into the future.
Be forewarned:
 I’m about to go deep
 Get ready to get lost
 In a thousand cliché’s
 I hope it’s only a phase.

I didn’t mean for it to end like this
  Some bittersweet kiss – off 
  On the cheek
One of us at the door, the other on the floor
I don’t need to distinguish
Which is which, 
Cause we both know the score.

No I’m not bitter, 
I kind of find it funny
In an endearing eerie sort of way.
Still can’t believe I let myself be played.
So I applaud you, laud you 
Cause I came That Close
To giving up my ghost.

You tried so hard to become my next muse
Instead you left me with nothing
I can really use.
Just disjointed memories out of place
Scattered something like this

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