the ballad of Mary Magdalene

It was the night before, 
and the day after another
we were sitting bored 
when your man appeared
like a savior from the streets
he was 6’2”, wearing platform shoes
with hair down to his waist
piercing eyes so blue
they held you fast in place
I can’t remember much more 
until later that night
down at the bistro sidewalk café
when he came up to me 
as I strummed my guitar
asked if I could play
It's a late, lamented melody
echoed thru the years
a little out of tune
with a made up word or two
do the best you can.
 then he ordered some shots
 and started to sing of Mary Magdalene.
she waltzed into the bar
took her usual seat
ordered a seven & seven
everybody knew why she was there
she’s said to offer a piece of heaven
but I think there’s more
that she’s looking for
I can see it in her eyes
as she scans the room for Mr. Right
the one to take her home tonight
It’s a late, lamented melody
everybody’s singing along
drowning their fears 
in another round of beers
keeping time best they can
 so pour us another round bartender
 as we toast to Mary Magdalene
It was the night before and so much more
and wouldn’t be again
the night your man came to town
and Mary set her eyes on him.
he said: Mary, this one’s for you
I think you know it well.
then he sang along with my guitar 
and a chorus of mission bells.
she smiled with delight 
thinking Damn! she found Mr. Right
as they sailed off out of sight
we sighed goodbye
knowing she’d be back tomorrow night
because it’s a late, lamented melody
echoed thru the years
a little out of tune 
with a made up word or two
hey, we just do the best we can
 but nobody, 
 did it better than Mary Magdalene. 

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